Monthly Archives: January 2010

A new direction!


I am so excited today. I have finally got myself organised to invest in a new clothing range and I’m going to do the order tonight! Most of it will be bright bots clothing that’s cut bigger for cloth nappies. I’m going to sell it in my shop and hopefully the brand name will bring people in to look at my custom items too.

My excitement gets even bigger considering I’m nearly finished making my own cloth nappy dungarees. I’m not happy with the fabric though it seems too stiff for baby clothes but it’ll do as a trial item to put my son in. I hope there’s enough room for his big cloth bum ;-D


A bit about me…


There really isn’t much to say… Since having my son my focus in life has changed from being work obsessed to finally letting out the creative side that was lurking within. I’ve always loved writing – I’ve written 2 children’s fiction books but have never had them published. And I’ve always loved fashion.

It seemed logical to combine my new son with fashion or rather, my fashion! And that’s how I started. I found embroidery in the evening very relaxing, and it gives your mind something to concentrate on, which is always good for the soul. Eventually it twigged. It would be the perfect way of ‘working’ while being able to stay at home and enjoy him. So I’m giving it a go.

Favourite things: my husband and son, my family, my friends.

Favourite ‘work’ things: fabric shops, retro fabrics, machine embroidery, marathon embroidery threads, embroidery library, my wonderful website (well I think it’s wonderful).

Dislikes: most are too petty to mention!

Thought for the past year….. try it, you might like it 😉

Hello world!


Age 1-2 years dinosaur t-shirt from

I’m taking 10 minutes out with a cuppa to create this site to be able to show my work, work in progress and update my life a bit! Don’t expect anything earth shattering gossip though 😉

I’ve spent the last week making dinosaur creations – inspired by my brother’s love (admittedly when he was little) and my nephew’s love (they are little) of dinosaurs. I’ve got some amazing embroideries from the embroidery library and the detail on them is mind blowing. I’ve combined them with hand dyed t-shirts to produce a “scene”. This is just one example (mostly because they’re the only ones I’m sure of the names on).

I’ve done a really cool one especially for my son with a few pterodactyl’s on it flying through the clouds. He always gets something a little bit extra 😉