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Embroidered muslin cloths perfect for baby showers


Another bit of experimentation and this has worked out really well. They’ve been selling well on £bay considering I only listed them last week. The embroideries need strenghtening to make sure they don’t distort hugely when washed because you know with newborns they’ll need washing a lot 🙂

This one’s quite a large design sitting in one corner so the rest of the cloth is available for emergency mopping up. I love this owl he looks so friendly and the green and brown are really vibrant against the white cloth.

I’ve got more listed on with red roses hearts and a really cute teddy outline.

Other than that no work for me this weekend, spent time with my boys.


Ugh I hate germs


So me and baby G have had the worst head cold this week. We got ill Tuesday and today’s the first day I’ve been able to sit at the computer to do some work and he’s been able to eat biscuits! You can always gauge the seriousness of his illness with his ability to eat biscuits.

It does make me laugh tho’ when you tell someone you’re ill with a cold and they say ‘there’s a lot of it going round’, that’s even my first expression. Do they teach us that when we’re in junior school?

1) Ask how someone is

2) Listen to reply

3) If well nothing further to add

4) If unwell say ‘there’s a lot of that going round’

All I can say is I’m glad that my £bay stuff isn’t ending til next week – I hate having to do something when I don’t want to do anything 😉

Aaahhhhh bless him :-(


My little boy’s not well. He’s picked up an eye infection at soft play on Monday I think. I’m not used to him wanting to sit still and more shockingly not wanting to eat any biscuits. His eye’s getting redder and more swollen. It will be a trip to the doctor for us tomorrow if he’s no better.

Fingers crossed he’s feeling better in the morning. Sleep tight G x

Cloth nappy cakes: eco friendly baby gift


My hubby thinks I’m a little odd for being so ‘obsessed’ with cloth nappies, indeed if I had a lot more money I would have about 3 wardrobes full! It got me thinking that maybe as a crafty person I could try and expand this interest into my shop.

Sooooo my cloth nappy cakes were born. If you google nappy cakes there are pages and pages of ones made with disposable nappies that look beautiful but lets be honest after about a fortnight you’ve used everything you’ve been given! In no other way would you be giving a gift to go in the bin… hopefully.

Reusable nappies/washable nappies/cloth nappies whatever you call them don’t get binned but re-used over and over again. And if you’re really savvy then you always have the possibility of re-sale too!

Cloth nappy cake ingredients: 6 terry towelling or prefold nappies (not as difficult as you might think), a wrap in a gorgeous colour or pattern (no boring plastic pants), embroidered baby grow/onesie, bib and muslin cloth with the same design and 2 pairs of socks. All decorated with ribbon. I specifically don’t wrap it in cellophane to make it more eco friendly – that bit only gets chucked away. It goes into a 100% recycled cardboard cake box.

Cloth nappy cakes from

What if you buy it and they don’t like washing nappies? By using terry towelling or prefold nappies then you have a stock of large highly absorbant cloths and trust me you’ll need them! The wraps would look equally gorgeous over a disposable nappy as a second line of defense against leaks. And the clothes … well they’re self explanatory 🙂

I hope by introducing cloth nappy cakes as a newborn baby gift I can start to spread the word on cloth nappies in Wales and the rest of the UK.

Fairtrade Fortnight!


This crept up on me I only realised it started today! To celebrate the fact that I stock Hooligans African fairtrade clothes I’ve taken 15% off that range too.

I love the clothes but even better I love that by buying them I’m encouraging and supporting a fair trade clothing firm that looks after it’s workers. I think we have begun to expect cheap clothes – and the biggest cost to making them is the price of labour. I know myself how much time goes into some embroideries let alone sewing!! I hate the thought of adults and children working for pence so that people like me can buy t-shirts at a ridiculously low price.

As my business carries on taking off I’m going to make it a definite mission to find more fair trade clothing companies to try and promote them in the UK.

Embroidery sale!


I’m tooooo generous this week, I’m in a particularly good mood since it’s been sunny here more often than not. I’ve now taken 10% off all machine embroidered baby clothes, all machine embroidery designs, and all ReeBee Baby customised baby clothes.

As I look out my study window to the view of the hills I feel inspired by Julie Andrews lol. The hills……. you can finish the rest 🙂