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Handmade machine embroidered baby clothes


I’m busy getting my stock of handmade baby clothes ready for the summer craft fair season. I’ve booked myself into loads of craft fairs.

At the moment I have bias cut tunic tops and dungarees for girls and dungarees and trousers for boys. They’re made out of a mix of jersey and cotton fabrics, with a couple in environmentally friendly hemp for those eco-friendly families.

I love making my own clothes and embellishing them with some machine embroidery, the huge range of different looks you can achieve is enormous.

I’ve read things that the US and other countries are going to introduce rules and regulations that make it practically impossible for people to sell handmade clothes. I hope that this never happens. I love being able to offer people something different, creating employment for myself. More and more people are turning away from huge manufacturing and becoming more conscious about where and how their clothes were made.

Handmade is not second best 🙂


ReeBee Baby’s Cloth Nappy Clothing: Dungarees


I’ve been spending a while making some new clothes for ds that are a bit bigger around the bottom to accomodate his big cloth nappies (they’re not that big), ordinary clothes work okay but sometimes he’s out grown them before he really should.

So far I’ve been making dungarees I’ve nearly finished these for the summer they’re dungaree shorts. I have to edge the legs. I’ve made some bias binding from the same fabric I did the aeroplane applique in to give a bit more detail. Just blue can get a little dull. I think I’m also going to add some more embroidery to the other side, it looks a bit bare!

Available from

I’m going to be selling a range of these at my next craft fairs and also adding them to my shop next week!

Hyena Cart


If you’ve never looked at then you really should! To be honest I find it a little hard to navigate around but there are some absolute gems in there. The best thing is they’re made by wahm’s or most items are only made in small numbers or unique. I recently bought a pocket nappy made with smurf’s fabric for my son (his dad collected them obsessively when he was little so I’m just adding to it lol). It’s here

Here are a few of my favourite finds:

I love these but think hubby might have a heart attack if I put G in them lol.

I love the puppy dog and jungle AI2 nappy here

The best way is just to browse go to the category you’re interested in and hit on a shop name that grabs you and hope your paypal balance is full!!

Personal Embroidery Service aka I embroidery your clothes for you!


Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before! My whole ethos with setting up my online shop ( was to make embroidery available to people with designs that aren’t mass produced on the high street: either my own, or designs from embroidery suppliers. I’ve been offering embroidery as patches or on my clothes but I missed a trick! What about people sending me their fabrics or clothes for me to embroider for them?

They get a new lease of life to something they already had for a small price, and with technology they might not have access to. More importantly it is something that could be unique to your baby or child because you have chosen what goes on their outfit and the colours etc.

I like to think that some people might find this useful lol.

Machine embroidered birthday gifts


I embroidered my son a lovely t-shirt for his first birthday. It’s nice to have a permanent reminder of a first birthday. So far I’ve only loaded on 2 (!!) birthday designs in my shop but I’m going to be adding more very soon.  I have some really nice baby’s first birthday designs that I have digitised myself.

I offer all embroideries as sew on applique patches or machine embroidery onto a garment. The option of both means that those who already have a perfect outfit can customise it without having to rely on designs seen in every high street shop. The patches also mean that it’s affordable to customise an outfit and you don’t need a lot of experience or technology just a needle and thread.

Police running races and new machine embroideries!

A strange combination but as I’m sitting at my desk typing I can see a massive cross country course marked out around the fields behind my house. I’m feeling very tired watching them all running up and down the hilly fields lol. Still makes a change to the usual sheep or cows!

I’ve been adding some new embroideries to my shop, I’m dreadful when it comes to updating my embroidery stock, but now I have 94 designs available and about another million waiting to go on (slight exaggeration).

Here are a couple of my favourites:

The lil monster one is a fleece neck scarf for my son and he deserves the title today. So far in one morning he’s let out the cockatiel, set off the burglar alarm (that previous house owner kindly put at toddler level) and stuck his head down the toilet. It’s a good job there’s lots of police around lol. Bless him he livens up my days 🙂


Cross stitch machine embroidery


I’ve been experimenting again, this time with my own designs in cross stitch. However I haven’t stitched any out yet so the only example I have on a t-shirt is this lovely cross stitch plane from

The wings, tail and details are in multicolour embroidery thread from Marathon threads. I love the way it gives an extra uniqueness to the same design. I’ve also embroidered his name above in the same multicolour thread and it looks fab. Excuse the trailing threads I haven’t snipped them yet in this photo.

I have another blue t-shirt for him that I’m going to do this design on, this time with fluffy white fleece clouds around it. It’s probably a bit ott to do it all in multicolour threads though lol.

For my own machine embroidery designs I have hearts and strawberries, skull and cross bones and dinosaurs that have been given the cross stitch treatment. I neeeeeed more hours in the day 🙂