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Machine embroidered summer t-shirts


It’s summer craft fair season and I’ve been embroidering some t-shirts for my stalls. I’m trying to get a good mix of boy and girl designs and make a couple of each. You can guarantee that I won’t have the design or size for some people but that is half the fun.


He’s just too clever…stubborn… toddlerish


I’ve been amazed recently at the pace at which my 17 month old son has been developing. It’s as though overnight this little baby was magically transformed into a little boy. All his puppy fat has gone, he’s talking (well in his own language), running and showing his own personality in ways I’d rather he wouldn’t.

His favourite new game is lets do what mum says no to.. And it’s nearly always naughty; walking on the fireplace, terrorising the cockatiel, hitting the tv. It’s not like I ignore him – when I play games with him, 5 minutes and he’s fed up and on to the next thing. But when he’s decided he wants to hit the tv he spends half an hour going over to it, being told ‘no’, being carried away, going over to it, being told ‘no’, being carried away, going over to it….

I don’t think unless you have children you can ever know how mentally exhausting it is and just once wish the telepathic ‘not again’ would get through. I’m sure he’s laughing at me most days!

Tomorrow I’m going to try ignoring it, once I’ve strapped the tv down tonight he he.

St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life


I’ll be honest, the thought of an open air museum full of old buildings that have been pieced back together probably isn’t most people’s idea of fun. And the first time I went there years ago it wasn’t mine either. I found it really boring, but I was 17 and a typical self-obsessed teenager.

Now…. at 33 it’s one of my favourite places! It’s a great tourist destination for those interested in history (especially on a day when they have lots of activities and demonstrations going on) but it’s even better for us mums with young children. Why??

There’s lots of outside space for them to run in, including some beautiful gardens. There’s a farm yard with pigs (piglets if you’re at the right time), chickens, turkeys, ducks and some other birds that I don’t know the name of. There are cows and sheep in the fields as well (with lambs now!) There’s a little train that for 50p you can ride around the whole museum on it. There’s a pottery where you can paint your own… pottery items.

Best of all it’s got a great child friendly cafe (where they supply quite a few toys) to have a cuppa and some food. The price is really reasonable as well and they don’t hassle you out of there.

There are 2 well equipped playgrounds as well, one for under 5’s and the other for upto 11 years of age.

I still can’t believe for all that it’s free entrance and only £3 to park for the day.

Online banner ads


My latest project to bring traffic to my shop is doing some online banner ads to put in various websites. I’ve read that it can be a cheap effective way of advertising. I’ll let you know if that’s right!

I found a great site that’s really easy to use. I’ve kept my banner quite plain with white text.

Here it is:

Now all that’s left is to find somewhere to put it!

Free business directories


Maybe you’ve thought about starting up your own little business and working from home? I’m really enjoying setting myself up as a work at home mum but sometimes the computer work and marketing is just so hard going. It takes hours and quite often it’s time you don’t have, but you have to do it otherwise no-one will know you’re there so won’t buy anything. It feels like a catch 22 situation.

I’m going to put some links in this post to some of the marketing pages I’ve set up. Maybe one of them will be useful to you or introduce you to a website you could use.

Best of luck, straightening out your fingers after hours of hugging a mouse!(??!!)

View my BIO

Cardiff-Roath Park


You may not have been to Cardiff (or want to I suppose) but I love it here. It is without doubt my favourite place in the whole world which is why I live here. So this summer I’ve decided to do my top 20 days out in Cardiff.

Here’s number one (there is no preference order to this in fact there is no order at all it’s just when I happen to think/go to them)

Roath Park is lovely. It’s not far from the city centre and it’s a little wildlife paradise (well birds…) You can walk all around it and it’s fenced in so the little ones are safe. There’s also a cafe, boat rides, ice cream (important in my book), playground and lots of green space to sit and chill out. You can see it’s a favorite with young mothers as we all push our buggies around and around. Whenit’s sunny it gets really hot there… and really busy.

There’s a few nice pubs around there too. And for the nature lovers there’s a special wildlife bit tagged on the end that doesn’t have loads of mothers and kids in it.

Definitely one on the visit list in my opinion.

Hand embroidery, sunshine and the general election


I’ve been using the nice weather to spend time hand stitching my own designs onto t-shirts to sell at my May craft fairs. I’ve experimented with a few new stitches and ways I block fill some of my designs to get some new looks. My fave is a variation on the long and short stitch where I don’t use uniform stitches for each row but do alternate long and short in different sizes.

It’s lovely to have a bit of sunshine at last. My son loves being outdoors and gets a bit stir crazy if he has to be in the house all day. So it’s nice to get him outside playing on the lawn that’s finally starting to dry out lol.

On a completely different note the general election on 6th May is going to mean a busy few weeks answering the door to endless candidates!! I hope people take 5 mins out of their day to use their vote.