Monthly Archives: May 2010

More embroidered t-shirts


I’ve loaded some more t-shirts into my shop. I feel so efficient today, had a cuppa with my SIL, tidied up, done some ironing, seen my neighbour for a cuppa and now I’m sitting down doing some work to my online shop. I just realised my efficiency means sitting down most the day drinking tea! I’d better not let hubby read this or he’ll think I do that every day lol.

Anyway, I’m digressing. Here are some of my new t=shirts in stock in my shop…

The pictures are really dire I need some good weather to get out in the garden and take some good ones. The light’s not good enough indoors even though it always seems it.

I have some machine embroidered muslin cloths to upload tonight and a pretty bias cut tunic top to hem and get finished. And maybe a few more cups of tea…..


A pretty disappointing craft fair


Craft fairs are one of my favourite things. This weekend I had one in South Wales that I was pretty hopeful about: great location, nice weather, lots of stock. My son was with in-laws and hubby could watch the bluebirds in peace.

The craft fair itself was soooo slow it’s not funny. I think people struggled to find the entrance at the back – I certainly did when I got there! At one point the only people there were us stallholders. They were the high point, I met some lovely people.

It’s such a shame that craft fairs are so often only advertised on the day they are happening. It takes a lot of time to get ready and get there to sit for hours with hardly any visitors.

That’s the joy of it though, going to these events, working out which are good and which are to avoid. This particular one I will be avoiding lol.

Craft fairs and dodgy films



It’s been a really busy week here. Lots of work and I am leaving hubby and baby G to fend for themselves Sunday as I stand at my craft stall all day to sell my embroidered wares. Tonight I’m beat. I have a list of things I still need to do but absolutely no energy to do them…. so I’m not going to. I have ‘he’s just not that into you’ to watch on sky +. I hope it’s okay I’ve recently wasted a few hours of my life on some dire films – especially one real stinker with Nicholas Cage in it – numbers. OMG it is the biggest load of baloney I have ever seen. Hubby enjoyed it tho’ so maybe I’m just a misery guts??

Another craft fair Sunday at Seabank Hotel in Porthcawl. It’s a nice old hotel right on the seafront so I hope it will attract lots of custom. I have loads of t-shirts, baby clothes and nappy cakes to take to it. I only have one of each design tho’ which I think might be a mistake… Only time will tell.

Signing off for a glass of vino with me film.

Rabbit awareness week


I’ve never heard of this until today when I went looking for a rabbit. My much loved bunny passed away in January aged 8 and a half (and I cried and cried!) and now the weather’s improving we’ve decided to get a replacement. Tried the rspca, and various pet shops and hope I’ve found 2 in a local breeders.

We’re going to get 2 so that they keep each other company and warm in the winter when it’s cold.

I’ll post pics as soon as I found my bunnies… I’m already thinking of names. How sad am I? LOL.

My election manifesto


I was driving back from Oxford earlier today with my son sleeping in the back and to keep me from getting too bored I made up my own election promises…. This is very tongue in cheek!

I’d punish middle lane motorway drivers by fining them £1,000 each time they’re caught doing it.

To make disposable nappies less attractive I’d put a 40% tax on them to return to more eco-friendly washables.

I’d make it compulsory to play the radio/music all the time.

I’d make it scientifically impossible somehow to gain weight, especially by eating your body weight in chocolate at Easter.

Just as well I’m not standing for election then ;-p