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Toddler tantrums… remember that advert?


That’s me! I can’t remember what it was advertising just that the mother threw herself on the floor kicking and screaming to stop her boy doing it. I know just how she feels! My little boy’s 19 months and seemingly getting frustrated with everything in his life. To show his frustration he’s gone from head butting, biting, pinching and screaming for as long as his breath will go.

I think this is all as punishment for watching supernanny when pregnant and laughing at some of the parents who had nutter kids. Now I’m not having the last laugh. Soooo I tried it. You know the advert throwing myself on the floor and copying (in the privacy of my own home I hasten to point out) and ……. nothing. I swear he didn’t even notice.  So there’s that theory gone then because I felt stupid.

The naughty step is beginning to have an effect tho’. After being naughty and rattling the poor cockatiel’s cage for the 13th time in an hour he ran out into the hall laughing and sat on the naughty step waiting for me.

Total control!


Ogmore and Southerndown: beautiful beaches


Ages ago I started my top 20 places to visit in Wales I have no idea what number I’m on but today I re-discovered these 2 treasures on the coast. Being literally 10 minutes from J35 of the M4 there really is no excuse not to visit them more often. I haven’t been for years but took little G there today for a play on the sand.

We spent the afternoon on Southerndown which is further along than Ogmore-by-Sea. You pay £3 for the carpark (for the day) but it’s right by the beach. The boat run down to the water is a bit broken up in parts it was quite difficult to negotiate the buggy along it but better than the rocks down to the beach. (Rocks more like big pebbles!!) There’s a lovely sandy beach though, it’s really sheltered with the most gorgeous cliff faces around it. For those with inquisitive children there’s plenty of rock pools to investigate. Little G was in stitches at seaweed on his hand. The sea was out so I’ve no idea how rough it would get or whether it’s suitable for little swimmers.

There’s a shop opposite the carpark with toilets and ice cream. There’s not much else to do tho’. On the way in though there are sheep all over the place, and often in the road but to my boy’s delight. Not mine tho’ I was worried about running them over.

Most people head to Porthcawl or Barry for the beach but I’d say try these two. The sun was out, there were no clouds in the sky and sand on our hands. Perfect.

Cloth Nappies Wales


I’ve neglected my blog a bit. I’ve been busy with ReeBee Baby and a new venture. I’m very passionate about cloth nappies (as you might have noticed!) so I’m taking this passion into my work (well it’s working for embroidery lol).

I’m now a Fill Your Pants nappy guru here in South Wales. I’ll be advising new parents/old parents/any parents on cloth nappies and hopefully being able to guide them in their choices. I was shocked at some stats I read in Waste Awareness Wales that every baby in disposable nappies in Wales adds 150 black bags of nappy waste to landfill. Also that for every £1 spent on disposables we pay 10p in tax to pay for their disposal!

Wales isn’t big enough for another 20 years of 150 bags per baby is it?

Reusable cloth nappies.. guess how many nappies I’ve saved from the dump?


I will admit to being slightly bored, so to fill time with something downloading I thought I’d write up my cloth nappy stash for my little boy. Thrilling idea lol.


20 Bumgenius version 3. The ultimate in cloth nappying. It’s bombproof, slim fitting, fab colours, and birth to potty. As it’s a pocket no need for a waterproof wrap so it’s just like using a disposable. This makes it ideal for hubby as he refuses to do anything other than snap some velcro together and if I’m around he’ll cunningly wait until I notice his nappy needs changing. Suppose there’s nothing new there to anyone!

2 Baby Beehinds. Both fitted so need a waterproof wrap over them. Excellent nappy although the only hemp version I have gets quite crunchy, prefer the bamboo version.

2 WeeNotions. The ultimate in designer wahm nappy (find them at and for patriotic Welshies they also do a welsh flag one! I love the pocket birth to potty one size.

2 Upsy Daisy pockets. Sadly they’ve stopped trading but another excellent wahm nappy. Hubby thinks ds looks like bam bam from the flintstones in one of his upsy daisy’s and I will admit he’s totally right!

1 Cuddlebub one size all in 2 nappy. Has a great dino print, all-in-2 are great if only wet just change the inner absorbant layer and keep the same outside (obviously not all the time that would be manky)

2 Little Lamb microfibre fitted nappies (and boring white wrap). A great nappy, dries mega quickly and is so so soft you want to wear it yourself. Except my bum isn’t that small anymore, so I won’t :-p

I think that’s it. I bought all one size birth to potty nappies so that wouldn’t need to change the sizing later on. The best bit is he’s starting to realise when he’s weeing because obviously cloth absorbs a bit more slowly, so I hope by 2 he’ll want to potty train. That is probably inexperienced mum wishful thinking 🙂

I have a ticker on and so far I’ve saved over 1,600 nappies from going to landfill. That’s shocking for just one little boy. I can’t even imagine the mound of plastic that would be sitting rotting in the dump if I’d used disposables on him. They get a pretty bad press with people worrying about what they’d do ‘touching poo’ I just think I’d rather touch it now than live near a rotting dump of it in 20 years time….