Monthly Archives: July 2010

Lethargy sets in…


I have loads I need to do, but can I get it done? Well that’s not strictly true, most of the time I can’t be bothered if I’m honest. With my work stuff it’s no problem I want to do that (strange feeling never wanted to work much before) it’s everything else. My kitchen’s untidy but I don’t want to tidy it, I have a pile of washing but I don’t want to do it. I am now sounding like a sulky teenager. So what am I doing? Nothing constructive I’m on here moaning!! And on the plus side the cows are out in the field behind me so I have something lovely to look at up here.

So onto something more lovely… some of the patches sets I have on offer for the summer mama spectacular at┬áSome have sold, some are still available. I love making patches because it’s up to the person who buys them to create something with them. It’s not me doing it for them. I don’t position or sew them.


Victoria Park, cupcakes and craft fairs


I took my little boy to Victoria Park in Canton, Cardiff last week. It’s a lovely lovely park. I never even knew it existed before! That’s one of the joys of having kids is in the desperation to get out of the house and do something you find all these places you never knew existed before. It’s had a lot of money spent on it and there’s an amazing playground for young kids and older ones with lots of activities from the climbing frame with slides to wobbly balance bridges and roundabouts. The floor has pictures in it as well so they’re always having something new to look at. My son’s favourite one was the seal and he loved stepping on the parts of the face I told him too. There’s also a lot of green space for them to let loose and run wild. Best for us parents are lots of shady trees to hide under. If you go after 12 noon there’s also a paddling pool for children. Does it get any better? Yes take a picnic lol.

I’ve been making some custom patches for the mama packs summer sale… I have one set of these very hungry caterpillar ones left. They’re gorgeously bright and would look great sewn onto a t-shirt or dress. I have a few more to do but my notebook’s packed up probably due to the fact my little boy dropped it on the floor so now I have to share one memory stick with dh.

Exclusively for the Mama Packs Summer Spectacular

Been booking some craft fairs for September onwards so I’m going to spend the summer getting some stock ready for sale. I have lots of goodies in mind and lots of new embroidery designs to try out.