Monthly Archives: September 2010

It’s been a long time…


I’ve neglected my blogging over the summer and with the Winter Mama Spectacular around the corner I’d better pull my finger out and get started again.

Embroidery kits: I have some sew on patches embroidery kits for sale in my shop and I always have lots with me at the craft fairs. It’s a good way of creating an item of clothing or customising a gift for someone else. The fact you’ve taken the time to stitch it will mean a lot hopefully.

Craft fairs: I’m doing the Crafty Wales craft fairs in Cowbridge had a good event last time so hope the next 2 months will be as kind to me.

Life with a toddler: oh how he’s changed. The tantrums are more frequent (bless him he turns into a red version of the incredible hulk), he’s speaking (proper words!!) and he’s grown about a foot (or so it seems). I’d love to press the pause button now and keep him this size because he’s great fun.