Monthly Archives: March 2011

Broken resolution but beautiful new clothes!


I’m going to pretend it’s not March and that I have posted on my blog since January – I hang my head in shame for 2011 being another year I didn’t keep my resolutions for. I will think of a suitable excuse for the next inevitable lapse in blogging.

It’s been a fab year of change for ReeBee Baby. The heart of my business is still the embroidery and making beautiful clothes and gifts myself not to mention the very lovely iron-on patches but it’s time to branch into other areas. To keep pushing my little retail cyber space forwards in 2011. I’m very excited about all the new clothing and gift ranges from well known names like the Very Hungry Caterpillar (who doesn’t love that book my son adores it and wants it read over and over again but that’s side tracking myself), Elmer the Elephant (another cool book) and Isabella’s Toy Box (based around yet another fab story) (all found here But also clothes from Arabella Miller (gorgeous organic prints, and Little Green Radicals (some of the best designs in fairtrade children’s clothing I’ve found

Why the divergence? I love sourcing products whether it’s the latest in embroidery designs or techniques to fab clothes for babies and children. I’ve worked very hard at bringing traffic into my site! It’s not as easy as it sounds either I can tell you. At the begining of the year I got inspired by a quote from Marva Collins “success doesn’t come to you, you go to it”. And that ladies and gentlemen is my motto for this year and that’s one resolution I haven’t broken yet.