Father’s Day…


Well it’s Father’s Day in the UK a time to celebrate our Dad’s and give them a card and maybe some beer. For us who are now parents it’s a time to thank our own Dad’s for guiding us this far as well as our husbands/partners/exes/whatever for guiding our own children. I’m very lucky my parents have been married for 39 years and still going strong (although their squabbles still crack me up) and I was reminded of this by a quote I found today.

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother”.
Theodore Hesburgh

I think it’s the truest thing I’ve read in a long time. A happy home is a healthy home and while not every child has that, I’m glad that my son is seeing that. Not only in us but both sets of grandparents. The confidence in yourself is often influenced by the confidence that other people show in you, if people tell you how they believe in you, then you start to believe in yourself. Now in my 30’s my confidence is the highest it’s ever been. No more worrying about trivial things like weight gain, no more work worries and no more worries about what people think (well a few of those maybe we can’t grow out of everything). I think having someone at home who doesn’t judge you, who isn’t constantly checking on you or what you are doing while pointing out what you’ve supposedly not good at. Someone who is brave enough to point out when you are behaving like a muppet and need pulling back in line, is the most important thing anyone can have. I just wish I could throw what I know now, back at myself when I was younger, it would have saved a lot of tears, self-doubt and regrets.

So if the most important thing is for a dad to love a mother on both counts I think we’re right on track. Nobody can tell the future – but I’d like to think in 29 years time my own son will be writing about how hubby and I have inspired him in life in a good way hopefully…. find a nice partner and enjoy a nice glass of merlot occassionally springs to mind!


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