Oh to be the perfect parent with the perfect child!!!


Actually I don’t mean that…. at all but I met a parent this morning who is the perfect parent with the perfect child, and didn’t they like to snidely say it. So after a 1.5 hour battle over breakfast (which neither of us won), getting dressed, brushing teeth, one bite mark to my hand, a whole range of shouty hitting motions at anything that didn’t move and a lot of screaming and kicking (amazingly not from me) I finally got him to nursery. So there I am saying to the staff member that he hasn’t eaten much, did drink his milk, but if he complains of being hungry there are snacks in his bag.

Enter the perfect parent. A male. Nicely dressed for work, dropping off his little girl. Lovely. He had to comment.

“I blame the parents” to which he got a glance before I carried on talking to the nursery worker, I wasn’t entirely sure he was talking to me even though there was no-one else there.

“A child only has a tantrum because of the parents, and what parent wouldn’t make sure they had a good breakfast?” Are you kidding me?

To which point he carried on in a baby talk voice to his daughter “you wouldn’t come out without breakfast would you sweetheart?”…..

Now I’m not one to get upset at other people’s opinions of me or my parenting but this morning that was the final straw. I’m sure all of us at one time have had enough of the tantrums, and wonder what the hell we did to our kids to make them hate us so much. But all of a sudden they grow out of it a bit and you realise it is not really your fault, it’s just one of those things. What gets me is that other parents, who have obviously lived through it, know what it’s like, try to pretend that it is only happening to you, not them or their perfect children. I HATE that. Be honest! It won’t kill you. It won’t make anyone think you are less of a parent if your kid screams blue murder for nothing more than it can. In fact it’s quite nice when someone says ‘oh god my son does that too’. It’s like going round a supermarket where the elderly and childless glare at you, and the other mums give you a mental hug as if to say I know how you feel that was us in aisle 11. And if you can’t be honest, keep your unwanted and egotistical opinions to yourself.

Next nursery morning I’m doing the haka after getting out of bed…. that should sort him out 😀



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