Quick pull my pants down!


Okay so that’s not as rude as it sounds. After giving up on the potty training after my last post on the subject and carrying on as normal with nappies my son surprised me last week by suddenly getting on board with potty training. From nowhere it seems. A poo one night (which fascinated him no end)¬†and he was off. I’d love to be able to say that all that reading about encouraging them, tricks to get them to do it and sticker charts worked but it had absolutely nothing to do with it. HE set the pace. It was nothing whatsoever to do with me.

And for all the people that are right when they say they’ll do it in their own time I give them a big hug and finally believe them. We’ve been dry for nearly a week with only one accident and he’s gone to nursery this morning wearing pants! And with several changes of clothes. It makes me sad though. He’s growing up so fast, before long he’ll be learning to drive and drinking pints of lager. Slight exaggeration. But that’s the last bit of baby behaviour gone.

It has taught me that sometimes as a parent you don’t know best, that sometimes your little boy has a better idea of what should happen than you do. I hope those times are few and far between!!


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  1. Ah, give yourself more credit momma!

    See, I think you put the idea in his head and and modeled what you wanted so you did influence. What changed was that when you stopped focusing the stress went away and he was able to be a part of the process rather than a passive captive. KWIM?

    I am not an advocate of rewards, chart, or bribery. They don’t work. Encouragement and show-n-tell is all that they need!

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